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Kerl Yoo

Kerl Yoo

Kerl Yoo


YOO. Yoo, Kerl. Kerl Yoo

Space Books

Pap. 2016

Book ID: 100410

Fifty year architectural life's work collection of architect Kerl Yoo, icon of self-innovation Introducing Kerl Yoo's practice penetrating modern and contemporary history of Korean architecture since 1960s in 25 built works and 9 uncompleted works Including undisclosed new works such as Daum Communications Space.2 Kindergarten, College of Art in Seoul National University, RMT building. With the participation of Chung Mannyoung (Professor, School of Architecture, Seoul National University of Science and Technology) and Lim Jinyoung (Architectural Journalist), various estimations about him are documented in critique and interview

392 pp. Korean/English