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Kahn at Penn

Kahn at Penn

Kahn at Penn


Williamson, James. Kahn at Penn

Routledge 2015

Book ID: 98334

Louis I. Kahn is widely known as an architect of powerful buildings. But although much has been said about his buildings, almost nothing has been written about Kahn as an unconventional teacher and philosopher whose influence on his students was far-reaching. Teaching was vitally important for Kahn, and through his MasterÕs Class at the University of Pennsylvania, he exerted a significant effect on the future course of architectural practice and education. This book is a critical, in-depth study of KahnÕs philosophy of education and his unique pedagogy. It is the first extensive and comprehensive investigation of the Kahn MasterÕs Class as seen through the eyes of his graduate students at Penn.

220 pp. English Pap.