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K2S. Beyond The Wall of Sound

K2S. Beyond The Wall of Sound

K2S. Beyond The Wall of Sound


K2S. Golling, Daniel. K2S. Beyond The Wall of Sound



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In K2S Beyond the Wall of Sound, the architecture oeuvre of renowned young Finnish architects K2S is at last published in its entirety from the ovoid, remarkable Kamppi Chapel to the large-scale, complex development of the now iconic Olympic Stadium canopy. The work of K2S is based on the conviction that good architecture touches the human soul, and does not submit to dogmas or a signature style. To Mikko Summanen, Kimmo Lintula and Niko Sirola, the Finnish word for roots juuret is essential. Their design philosophy is guided by principles of materiality and its sensory aspects, the notion of context, Finnish building traditions and a fourth, innovative dimension. Edited by Salka Hallstršm Bornold and designed by Dalston Creative, the volume also includes texts by the group's mentors, Pritzker Prize winner Toyo Ito and esteemed architecture thinkers Juhani Pallasmaa and Hans Ibelings.

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