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Josef Koudelka: Wall

Josef Koudelka: Wall

Josef Koudelka: Wall


KOUDELKA. Dolphin, Ray and Gilad Baram. Josef Koudelka: Wall



Book ID: 96220

Josef Koudelka's Wall comprises panoramic landscape photographs made from 2008Ð2012 in East Jerusalem, Hebron, Ramallah, Bethlehem and in various Israeli settlements along the route of the barrier separating Israel and Palestine. Whereas Israel calls it the Òsecurity fence, Palestinians call it the apartheid wall, and groups like Human Rights Watch use the term Òseparation barrier, Koudelka's project is metaphorical in nature--focused on the wall as a human fissure in the natural landscape. Sometimes blocks of concrete define the panoramas; at other times displaced olive trees--a lifeline for one man, collateral damage in another's claim for territory--subtly emerge. As in his Black Triangle project, made in the Bohemian foothills of the Ore Mountains in the early 1990s, Wall conveys the fraught relationships between man and nature and between closely related cultures.

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