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Jo Nagasaka - When B-side becomes A-side

Jo Nagasaka - When B-side becomes A-side



Pap. Tokyo 2016

Book ID: 101353

Jo Nagasaka of Tokyo-based Schemata Architects works on various projects, from furniture to architecture, and is intent on narrowing the gap between the two aspects of academic and ñlivingî architecture. All of the works presented in this book are categorised as ñB-sideî projects of Schemata Architects, a term that plays on the standard reference to the reverse side of a record. While the ñA-sideî features a hit track, the B-side often features a less commercial but more ñrealî song. Especially in Japan, according to Nagasaka, people tend to be more interested in these B-side projects, which all have the potential to become A-side, given that the projectsÍ values are understood.

192 pp.