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Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects

Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects

Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects


Frame 2017
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A book showcasing the projects of Japanese architect and designer Jo Nagasaka, with insight into his idea and design processes.

 The evolution of Jo Nagasaka’s design process is unveiled in a unique publication about his practice. This book tells the story of Schemata Architects, encapsulating the essence of the studio’s work. Highlighting methods and processes through a series of essays, the designer offers insight into how concepts were developed in order to realise the wide-ranging portfolio of Schemata Architects that are showcased in the book.

Nagasaka’s focus is often drawn to tired, found objects or unused spaces. Through investigations to seek modern solutions and pioneering re-purposing techniques, he manages to transform interiors and breathe life back into objects. His projects range from large-scale installations and interactive interior environments to smaller-scale products. Revealing insights into his way of working, the book highlights new findings about how the designer is able to capture the essence of his thoughts and relate the key aspects of a project in creative and innovative ways. The articles emphasise the designer's concepts, giving unique insight into the firm's process from the designer’s perspective.

CL/ 304pp.