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Jean- Daily Bread

Jean- Daily Bread


CAIMI Jean- Daily Bread

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"Sex, food, nature, the city where I live, my son, relationships, friends, family, even fleeting encounters, these moments enrich me as a human being. They are archetypal, belonging to a common DNA, the essence of our very biology. They are at the root of my existence, hovering in the pictures of my life." - Jean-Marc Caimi In 'Daily Bread' multi-award winning French-Italian documentary photographer Jean-Marc Caimi turns the camera on his own life, sharing intimate moments in a visual diary that scratches at the surface of reality to reveal hidden truths, sexual tensions and the unseen beauty found in everyday moments. Choosing to shoot 'Daily Bread' in black and white Caimi returns to his roots, to the reasons why he became a photographer, using shades of light to create allegorical associations and compelling narratives. "Jean-Marc has closed the distance between the photographer as a recorder of the truth and the subject, to create photographs that are intensely personal. Here the intimate relationship of both parties - subject and photographer - engage and crystallize in the frame." - Yumi Goto

112 pp. CL