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Jane Wilson  Horizons

Jane Wilson Horizons

Jane Wilson Horizons


Wilson, Jane.  Sussman, Elisabeth.
Merrill 2009
SKU: S02292

The painting I do is the only way I have to catch something that is constantly changing , the American artist Jane Wilson has said. During her 60-year career, Wilson (born 1924) has become celebrated for her evocative paintings of landscape and weather. Working from her studio in New York, she produces extraordinarily atmospheric near-abstract representations of the effects of light and shade on land, sea and sky. Her works, which draw on influences as varied as French Impressionism, Dutch landscape painting and Abstract Expressionism, have been exhibited in North America, Europe and Japan. This account of Wilson s life from her immersion in the vibrant New York art world of the 1950s and 1960s to her current approach to painting is given new insight through previously unpublished photographs of the artist and her family and friends, and is lavishly illustrated with beautiful reproductions of her artworks. 

192 pp. Cl.  Many illus. in color.