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Jacques Ripault Architecture

Jacques Ripault Architecture

Jacques Ripault Architecture


Pousse, Jean-Francois. Jacques Ripault Architecture

Pap. Archives d'Architecture Moderne (AAM)/Ante Prima. 2012

Book ID: 95105

Architect Jacques Ripault has been active over the past thirty years in the fields of housing, cultural and university facilities, as well as industrial and office buildings. He constantly explores the notions of space and light, shape and materials, the landscape and the city, with the aim of defining and producing the location, its interior, and its surroundings in order to encourage the fulfilment of mankind. A student of Henri Ciriani, Jacques Ripault won the young architecture 'Albums' award in 1981, and was resident of the Villa Medici in Rome from 1983 to 1985. He represents a highly unique current of French architecture. The book presents around twenty of Jacques Ripault's designs and projects, all illustrated with photographs and plans, including: - The Port Royal-Rene Cassin University centre in Paris, delivered in 1990, - The Valeo factory in Suze-sur-Sarthe, delivered in 1997, - The Le Havre University library, delivered in 2001 - The Peugeot-Citroen design centre in Velizy, delivered in 2004, - MAC/VAL, the Val-de-Marne contemporary art museum in Vitry-sur-Seine, delivered in 2005 - The Carcassonne school of the arts, scheduled for 2012.

288 pp., B&W and color illus. French/English.