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Ibiza: Blakstad Houses.

Ibiza: Blakstad Houses.



Cl. 2013

Book ID: 93552

The fusion of Ibizan traditions with function, form, and taste is the hallmark of Blackstad's projects, dedicated to conserving the cultural significance of the island in today's architecture. Rolph Blackstad exhaustively studied Ibizan architecture when it was still a living millennial tradition, with peasant builders working with rules passed down by word of mouth from father to son. The architect's study of these builders formed the basis of his research, design and building for more than 40 years. A few days after Blackstad's death, and as a tribute to his work, in this monograph the reader will find the path of an unbroken tradition reaching back to distant origins, but adapted to the needs of today. A design based on historical Mediterranean architecture, combining style and building techniques to suit contemporary lifestyles.

292 pp.