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Houses & Housing 1972 - 2014

Houses & Housing 1972 - 2014

Houses & Housing 1972 - 2014


Hasegawa, Itsuko Houses & Housing 1972 - 2014

Kajima Institute


Book ID: 98277

This comprehensive monograph spans the entire career of Japanese architect Itsuko Hasegawa, whose talents as a graduate student led her to prominence working as influential architect Kazuo ShinoharaÕs assistant between 1970-80. Lauded for her residential designs, her approach to Òarchitecture as second natureÓ envisions architecture that re-establishes connections with the environment, reinvigorates local art and culture, and sustains its inhabitants both physically and emotionally. Filled with works from the past 40 years and richly illustrated with plans and photographs, the book features an introduction by Hasegawa and an afterword by Makoto Ueda.

192 pp. Japanese/English Pap