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Home Smart Home

Home Smart Home


Herwig, Oliver.

Birkhauser 2022

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Welcome to the hybrid home, in which the bathroom has become a temple of wellness, the living room an online couch, and the kitchen a lounge. Everything appears tidy and chic, perfect for social media. In the Instagram Age, even micro-apartments are mutating into semi-public places.


The German journalist Oliver Herwig has been studying the transformation of living spaces and dream interiors for years. In this book, he portrays a society in the throes of digital transformation. The lines between work, leisure and rest have been blurred, as our homes become temporary, multipurpose work, fun and multimedia spaces; the office has invaded the home, and the world of smart shopping is always just a word away thanks to Alexa. Nothing quite fits anymore, yet everything must have its place. Welcome to the hybrid home.

192 pp. Paperback, cl. GERMAN