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Hokusai’s Lost Manga

Hokusai’s Lost Manga

Hokusai’s Lost Manga


Hokusai, Katsushika. Sarah E. Thompson
Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 2016
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Nearly 200 years after Hokusai finished the drawings for this charming illustrated book, this intriguing early Japanese manga is finally being published for the first time – thanks to a curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Rediscovered in an old box in the storage rooms of the museum, these Hokusai drawings should have been used to create the woodblocks for printing a continuation of his Manga series. But although scholars have found an advertisement announcing the title, there is no record of the book ever having been produced.

Ironically, if the book had actually been published, the drawings would have been destroyed in the woodblock cutting process. Instead, presumably after the decision was made not to publish the book, the drawings were folded and bound together. And so they stayed for nearly two centuries.

248 pp. / HB / bw drawings