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Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules

Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules

Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules


HEGARTY, John. Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules

Thames & Hudson


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Creativity isnÕt an occupation; itÕs a preoccupation. It is challenge for everyone in the modern worldÑfrom business and advertising to education and beyond. Here, the world-famous advertising creative John Hegarty offers a pocket bible of creative thinking, aimed at provoking, challenging, and inspiring greater heights of innovation. From Renaissance art to rock ÔnÕ roll, Hegarty takes a wide-angle view of creativity as he sets out to demystify the many ups-and-downs that can arise during the creative process. Paralyzed by the blank page? Daunted by cynics in the workplace? Money leading you astray? Hegarty combines personal experience and anecdotes along with clear, pragmatic, and good-humored insight into tackling all creative challenges head on. Over fifty entries, including ÒGood is the Enemy of Great,Ó ÒRespect DonÕt Revere,Ó ÒGet Angry,Ó and ÒBad WeatherÓ relay useful and generous advice on how best to improve, sustain, and nurture creativity in any profession. Accompanied by copious irreverent line drawings from HegartyÕs own sketchpad, Hegarty on Creativity is concise, accessible, and richly rewarding.

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