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Hector Horeau 1801-1872

Hector Horeau 1801-1872

Hector Horeau 1801-1872



Pap. Paris, 1975

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French architect, he built little, but published designs for urban improvements, including many iron-and-glass structures, early proposals for the markets in Paris (1844), a jardin d'hiver at Lyons (1846–7), and a design for a vast iron glazed building for London's 1851 exhibition in 1849, which pre-dates Paxton's realized scheme. Most of his buildings have been demolished. He designed Pippingford Park, Nutley, Sussex (1857–8—in a Second Empire style—destroyed), and published the spectacular coloured Panorama d'Égypte et de Nubie (1841–6).Good condition. Corners slightly dog-eared. French.

192 pp.