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Hannah Hoch

Hannah Hoch

Hannah Hoch


HOCH. Ades, Dawn and Daniel F. Herrmann, eds. Hannah Hoch

Prestel. 2014

Book ID: 96258

This book on the celebrated Dada artist Hannah Hšch explores her use of collage as the artistic medium of choice for both satire and poetic beauty. World-renowned for her work during the Weimar period, Hannah Hšch was a pioneer in many aspects, both artistic and cultural. Focusing on Hšch's collages, this book examines the artist's career from the 1910s to the 1970s, charting her oeuvre from early works influenced by fashion and mass media, through to her later compositions of lyrical abstraction. It reveals her rapid development of a personal style, which was both humorous and often moving, but also offered critical commentary on society at a time of tremendous social change.

256 pp. Cl.