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Ground Up 02: Grit

Ground Up 02: Grit

Ground Up 02: Grit


Sunter, Rebecca and Monica Way, Steven Lee, Robin Kim, Junice Uy. Ground Up 02: Grit

University of California.


Book ID: 94544

Grit is from the ground, abrasive and coarse. Grit erodes and accrues. Like sandpaper, Grit refines. Like the grain of sand that creates a pearl, Grit is an agitator and catalyst. The inaugural issue of GROUND UP peered into Landscapes of Uncertainty, examining who and what defines the next move in landscape architecture. This second edition asks how our field fulfills its potential by exploring grit as a quality, texture and approach for negotiating change in our landscapes. Shifts in climate and society call for responses and interventions grounded in courage and creative resolve.

92 pp. Pap.