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Fundamentals of Japanese Architecture

Fundamentals of Japanese Architecture

Fundamentals of Japanese Architecture


Taut, Bruno. Fundamentals of Japanese Architecture

John Gifford Ltd. 1939

Book ID: 101318

The cover paper is Torinoko from Echizen and the paper inside is Shigarami-gami, a traditional mulberry paper bleached on the snow in winter. An outstanding copy. Here Taut criticises the Japanese for being too influenced by western opinion in valuing their own architecture. An earlier generation accepted the outsider verdict that the debased kitsch of Nikko was the pinnacle of Japanese architecture so Taut has debunked this notion and pointed them towards the simple, truly vernacular, beauty of Ise and Katsura. Aware of the irony, still he hasn't tiptoed through the paradox - he dismisses it in a couple of passages. His illustrations include a couple of recent examples of successful Japanese modernism including Yoshida's Central Post office which I believe is now in the process of being destroyed.

36 pp. Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai