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Frac Centre - Les Turbulences

Frac Centre - Les Turbulences

Frac Centre - Les Turbulences


JAKOB + MACFARLANE. Frac Centre - Les Turbulences

Hyx. 2013

Book ID: 96086

This monograph is dedicated to the new building of the French art and architecture centre (FRAC Centre) designed by Jakob & MacFarlane in OrlŽans (France). It provides an overview of all the phases of the project, from design to construction. Architects Jakob + MacFarlane, managing the project, have opted for a strong physical presence. The extension, christened ÔThe Turbulences,Õ because of its prefabricated tubular structure covered by an anodised aluminium casing, conceptualizes dynamic architecture. Authors : Barry Bergdoll, Marie-Ange Brayer, AurŽlien Lemonier, Nadine Labedade, Claude Parent, CŽline Sara•va.

128 pp. French/English. Cl.