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Fifth Avenue Style

Fifth Avenue Style

Fifth Avenue Style


SLATKIN, Howard. Fifth Avenue Style

Cl. Vendome. 2013

Book ID: 96051

Interior designer Howard Slatkin, co-founder of the iconic lifestyle brand Slatkin & Co., is renowned for combining a keen appreciation of beauty, luxury, and superb workmanship with practical know-how. Now, in this sumptuously illustrated book, he opens the doors of his legendary Fifth Avenue apartment and invites you to accompany him on an intimate tour, not just of the main rooms, but of the service areas, closets, dressing room, and all the other intimate areas rarely seen. Along the way he shares his practicalÑand often ingeniousÑmethods for creating uniquely personal rooms, shows you how to make them comfortable and functional as well as beautiful, and reveals his secrets to entertaining with ease and flair.

240 pp.