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Ernst May 1886-1970

Ernst May 1886-1970

Ernst May 1886-1970


MAY. Quiring, Claudia

Cl. et al, eds. Ernst May 1886-1970

Prestel. 2011

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This book provides an overview of the work of Ernst May, one of the outstanding figures of classic modernist architecture. This catalog accompanies the first exhibition dedicated to the entirety of May's work. It provides an overview of his most famous achievement, The New Frankfurt - a massive urban planning project which in the 1920s gave the city an unprecedented Modernist look and which provided thousands of ingeniously and economically designed apartments. In addition, the book presents in detail Ernst May's other architectural projects in Silesia, the Soviet Union and Africa as well as his post-war return to Germany. Bumped upper corner.

336 pp., illus German/English.