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Edward Burtynsky: Water

Edward Burtynsky: Water


BURTYNSKY, Edward and Wade Davis, Russell Lord. Edward Burtynsky: Water

Steidl. 2013

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There is no life without water. Burtynsky's new and highly anticipated book "Water" tells us the story of where water comes from, how we use it, distribute and waste it.

Often using a bird's-eye perspective, the photographer shows us its remote sources, remarkable ancient step-wells and mass bathing rituals, the transformation of desert into cities with waterfronts on each doorstep, the compromised landscapes of the American Southwest. Furthermore, Burtynsky explores the infrastructure of water management: the gigantic hydroelectric dams and terraced rice fields in the heart of China, the vast irrigation systems of America's bread basket and the use of aquaculture.Exhibition catalogue.

228 pp. Cl.