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Edgar Miller and the Handmade Home

Edgar Miller and the Handmade Home

Edgar Miller and the Handmade Home


Miller. Edgar Miller and the Handmade Home

CityFiles Press

Book ID: 84830

Phenomenally gifted and prolific, Miller was renowned, even legendary, and then he was forgotten, except by those who dwell in his wildly original homes. Cahan and Williams, the team who resurrected the life and work of architectural photographer Richard Nickel, vividly recount Millers story of genius and audacity, from his Idaho youth to his meteoric rise in Chicago. Architectural photographer Alexander Vertikoffs sharp and lustrous images elegantly capture the extraordinary details, rich colors, and profound connectivity of Millers spectacular creations. Millers fecund imagination, virtuosity, and epic energy produced vibrant architecture in which every element from ceiling to floor is alive with arabesque imagery, entwined patterns, and an aura of aspiration. Miller intended for each space to be a total work of art, the perfect description for this unique book.

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