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Dynamic Daylighting Architecture: Basics, Systems, Projects.

Dynamic Daylighting Architecture: Basics, Systems, Projects.


K_ster, Helmut.

Cl. Basel, 2004

Book ID: 50007

When planning buildings in which people are to work and live, the use of natural daylight and solar energy are playing increasingly important roles. The ultimate aim of all these building strategies is to compensate the different lighting requirements caused by the winter and summer climates by using simple but ingenious techniques. By guiding daylight, in particular by using a specially developed technique called Retrotechnology which involves using reflective elements, the construction of facades and building with glass can take on new dimensions. This volume is a detailed documentary of these new strategies and technologies and it will serve as an introduction to the basic principles, functions, designs and calculation methods of daylight guiding technology to all architects, lighting designers, building and conditioning engineers. Impressively illustrated with a large number of computer simulations and photographs of built examples, this book is the result of extensive research.

160 pp., 500 color illus.