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Dubuffet Typographer

Dubuffet Typographer

Dubuffet Typographer


DUBUFFET. Leguillon, Pierre. Dubuffet Typographer

Presses du Reel.

Pap. 2013

Book ID: 96058

A tribute to the French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901Ð1985) and to the typographic strategies with which Dubuffet achieves, on a visual level, his plan to destroy language through books and lithographs. Traveling to public and private archives such as la Fondation Dubuffet in Paris, the Bibliothque Kandinsky at Centre Pompidou or to IMEC in Caen, Pierre Leguillon has photographed ephemera such as invitations, posters, catalogs, artist's books, flyers, tickets, and record sleeves. These images were then used to execute a ÒrecadrageÒ (re-framing) of Jean Dubuffet and his activities. Like a meticulous Òdetective,Ò Leguillon shows us how Òfor each project, Dubuffet invented a new way of writing and composing text Ð quite possibly by simply improvising."

364 pp. French/English.