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DETAIL Green 02/2014 (English Edition)

DETAIL Green 02/2014 (English Edition)

DETAIL Green 02/2014 (English Edition)


DETAIL. Detail - Green (English Edition)

Detail/ Institut fur.


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This current issue of DETAIL Green, presents a series of buildings that illustrate this economy of means. We begin with the houses at Solar Decathlon 2014, which were not simply conceived as plus-energy, single-family homes as in the preceding competitions, but as solutions to urgent social and urban-planning problems in the home countries of their designers. We continue with the discussion about sufficiency in building, whereby architects can make a name for themselves as pioneers of a new Ôless is moreÕ approach. The issue also features a research project in Nyborg in Denmark that tackled questions of sustainability above and beyond pure efficiency. In the case of new buildings in London, Hamburg and Dehlingen, which are looked at in this issue, planning was not primarily aimed at technical innovations, but at the skilful combination of tried-and-tested solutions.

75 pp., b&w and color illus. Pap.