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Ernst, Meret and Christian Eggenberger

eds. Cl. Zurich, 2006

Book ID: 69305

Swiss design is revered around the world for its rich variety and clarity of vision. From furniture to textiles, typography to posters and even sneakers, designers like the Freitag brothers are at the forefront of European art. DESIGNsuisse explores the exquisite simplicity of modern Swiss design through a unique compilation of images and critical essays on the best current designers. The text includes reflections on the historical role of design in Switzerland and the emergence of specific design schools from the early 1900s to the present day.ÊThe book is accompanied by a two-DVD set, produced by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, featuring twenty-five film portraits of the major Swiss designers, including Hannes Wettstein, Kurt Thut, Lea Scherrer, Esther Brinkmann, and Jorg Zintzmeyer. An index and annotated bibliography round out this comprehensive and up-to-date reference work.

400 pp., 300 color illus, 2 DVDs.