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DD 43 Bud Cud - More Than This

DD 43 Bud Cud - More Than This

DD 43 Bud Cud - More Than This


BudCud DD 43 Bud Cud - More Than This



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Based in Krak—w, BudCud operates within the fields of architecture and urbanism. Currently led by Mateusz Adamczyk and Agata Wozniczka, the office produces work that is contextually conscious and heavily influenced by the project environment, both physical and cultural, yet also has a playful, experimental approach rooted in an understanding of social interactions and habitable landscapes. This monograph presents more than 20 projects developed since BudCudÕs inception in 2007, together with comic diagrams and an essay by ukasz Wojciechowski. From urban districts and parks to interiors and street furniture, the penchant for a strong narrative persists.

256 pp English Cl.