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DD 36: Nabito Arquitectura - intertwined Systems

DD 36: Nabito Arquitectura - intertwined Systems


NABITO DD 36: Nabito Arquitectura - intertwined Systems



Book ID: 90278

Nabito is a multidisciplinary team based in Barcelona and active on the west Mediterranean territories including Italy, Spain and France looking for similarities and differences. Their goal is to redefine a different process of elaboration for a new contemporary culture, from a social and economic point of view and to develop a cultural mix related and in communication with parallel realities. Projects include the Giolitti Ice Cream stores in Istanbul and Dubai, the Cittˆ della Musica in Lecce, the BIMSA Project in Barcelona, the Zig-Zag Tower and the Hippo Teatre in Frosinone, the Domus Aquae thermal complex in Rome, the Taipei Performing Arts Center, a sustainable neighbourhood in Reus, the Frontiere Attive project in Rome, and a project for a pool in Calaf. Essays by Manuel Gausa Navarro, Roberto Ferlito, Angel Luis Gaspar and Nabito Arquitectura.

280 pp., color illus. English/Korean Cl.