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Cezanne: Site/Non-Site

Cezanne: Site/Non-Site

Cezanne: Site/Non-Site


Luengo, Paula, + Guillermo Solana. Cezanne: Site/Non-Site

Fundacion Coleccion Thyssen-Bornemisza 2014

Book ID: 100143

In 1969, the artist Robert Smithson proposed a new interpretation of the work of Paul Cezanne (1839-1906). In Smithson's view, Cezanne's painting had been distorted by the Cubists, reduced to an almost abstract play of forms. In contrast to this formalist simplification, Smithson underlined the need to recover the physical reference in Cezanne's work, his strong link to certain places in Provence. Published on the occasion of a major exhibition on Cezanne, Site/Non-Site celebrates the work of a foundational figure in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century

200 pp. Cl.