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Corporate Museums

Corporate Museums

Corporate Museums


Messedat, Jons. Corporate Museums

Cl. AVedition 2012

Book ID: 92880

Thanks to their outstanding architecture, visionary exhibitions andimportant collections corporate museums have evolved into crowd pullers of international renown. And yet, many strong and interesting examples have not so far received the attention they deserve. The roughly 35 concepts that are presented range from conventional product show to scenographically themed environments and presentations of art and culture with the company in the role of a patron. The book for the first time introduces top-class international projects. Articles by experts from the fields of history management, scenography, marketing and project development give insights into the conception of the content, the implementation of the design and the running of the museum as a business. At the same time, it is a vivid source of inspiration for potential visitors. Chirurgie Museum Asklepios, Deutsche Bank BrandSpace, Dornier Museum, Dr. Oetker Welt, Hymer Museum, KŠrcher Museum, Mercedes-Benz Museum, Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari and many more.

200 pp. German/English.