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CLOG 6: Brutalism.

CLOG 6: Brutalism.


CLOG. May, Kyle et al., eds.

Pap. New York 2013

Book ID: 93893

A defining architectural style of the postwar era„ characterized by severe, abstract geometries and the use of cast concrete, block and brick„Brutalism arguably produced some of the worldÍs least popular public buildings. The styleÍs international propagation brought modern architecture to ever-larger constituencies, and some argue that the perceived shortcomings of these Brutalist structures led to the demise of the Modernist project. While today often admired (and even loved) by architects, many Brutalist projects„Bertrand GoldbergÍs Prentice WomenÍs Hospital, Marcel BreuerÍs Ameritrust Tower, Paul RudolphÍs Orange County Government Center, Alison and Peter SmithsonÍs Robin Hood Gardens, and Gillespie Kidd and CoiaÍs St. PeterÍs Seminary, to name a few„are now threatened with demolition. Judging by the work of many contemporary practitioners, however, the influence of Brutalism only seems to grow. Before the wrecking balls swing, it is time to look back on, debate, understand, and learn from Brutalism. CLOG is also introducing Michael Abrahamson as guest editor for CLOG : BRUTALISM. Michael is a designer and critic currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A Pre- Candidate in the History and Theory of Architecture at the University of Michigan, he also operates a Tumblr photo blog called Fuck Yeah Brutalism.

160 pp.