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Books on Japan 1931 - 1972

Books on Japan 1931 - 1972

Books on Japan 1931 - 1972


Morioka, Yoshiyuki. Books on Japan 1931 - 1972

BNN. 2013

Book ID: 95537

How did the Japanese see themselves from 1931 to 1972? Even more importantly, how did the Japanese want the rest of the world to see them during those four pivotal decades? This controversial, unprecedented book, selected from a massive private collection of magazines and newspapers, takes an in-depth look at the information, news, photos and advertisements used in Japanese propaganda books, illustrating the radical sociopolitical evolution of the nation and culture throughout that period of the 20th century. Iconic Japanese graphic designers and photograpers featured include Takashi Kono, Fumio Yamana, Yusaku Kamekura, Goro Kumada, Shihachi Fujimoto and Hiromu Hara in graphic design and Ihei Kimura, Yonosuke Natori Yoshio Watanabe, Ken Domon and Hiroshi Hamaya in photography

. 224 pp. Japanese/some English. Cl.