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Bertozzi & Casoni Works 1980-2010

Bertozzi & Casoni Works 1980-2010

Bertozzi & Casoni Works 1980-2010


BERTOZZI & CASSONI. Bertoni, Franco, ed. Bertozzi & Casoni Works 1980-2010

Allemandi 2010

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Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano dal Monte Casoni have been working together since 1980. Their partnership has resulted in a vast production of art in these 30 years distinguished by executive perfection, technical assertiveness and conceptual sophistication. This monograph offers a comprehensive look into their work with vivid and engaging photographs. Masters of doubt, they present works that are iconographically improbable but highly credible because of their powerful presence and disturbing allusions. They communicate with one another and alternate in a constant play of references, staging a representation whose ostentation is worthy of the grand baroque or melodramatic theatre, and whose clarity of language is equal to the calculated verbal engineering of the weightiest narrators of the past century.

270 pp., 600 color and B&W illus. Italian / English Cl.