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Bauhaus No. 6: Schlemmer!

Bauhaus No. 6: Schlemmer!

Bauhaus No. 6: Schlemmer!


SCHLEMMER. Oswalt, Philipp. Bauhaus No. 6: Schlemmer!

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. 2014

Book ID: 96571

Some 70 years after the death of Oskar Schlemmer, bauhaus magazine casts a light on the achievements of the Bauhaus theater and dance legend. The new issue is published in conjunction with Human-Space-Machine, an exhibition at Bauhaus Dessau of products, designs and concepts examining the Bauhaus stage and its major protagonists Schlemmer, Walter Gropius and L‡szl— Moholy-Nagy whose inventiveness led to the symbols and images of a new, modern subjectivity. It provocatively delves into questions about the relationship between human and machine, the industrialization of human beings and the
humanization of the machine, among other topics, considering progress in the fields of genetics, neurobiology and communications technology and bringing forward Schlemmer s innovations and experiments to the present moment. Designed by cyan, Berlin.

152 pp. English/German. Pap.