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Basics Project Control

Basics Project Control

Basics Project Control


Bielefeld, Bert
Birkhauser 2018

SKU: S01292

With larger projects it makes sense to involve a project controller who will competently secure the client’s interests and effectively ensure that the client’s objectives are met throughout the project. To achieve this, it is not sufficient to be experienced in the design and execution of construction projects. Specialist project management skills are a mandatory requirement for the success of a project.

The project controller is pivotal to the success of the project; together with the client he will define the objectives of the project, develop organizational structures, and be instrumental in appointing project participants. He will assist with the proper fulfilment of contracts and with the documentation of design decisions.

The Basics Project Control volume presents, in a practical way, all duties and services involved in project management.

PB/ 80pp.