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Bamboo Art: Innovative Bamboo Design

Bamboo Art: Innovative Bamboo Design


Gingko Press 2017
SKU: S00434

Bamboo is an incredibly versatile material with a unique aesthetic, capable of evoking a sense of elegance and subtle grace but also rampant, uncontrollable growth.Bamboo Art explores the full spectrum of creative possibilities of this aggressive plant through a broad range of projects both fully realized and conceptual. It displays bamboo that is woven and carved, twisted and bent, pulped for paper or reduced to fibers for textile-making, applied in pieces that evoke traditional Asian design as well as modern and avant-garde projects. The globally-sourced collection includes furniture and other household items, sculpture, large-scale installations, toys, clothes and jewelry, textiles, tea sets, and even bicycles and radios, all painstakingly crafted from the world’s fastest-growing plant.

240 pp. Cl.