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Arch+ 26: The Klotz Tapes

Arch+ 26: The Klotz Tapes


Arch+ 2016

Book ID: 100544

Arch+ 26: The Klotz Tapes. This volume marks the first publication of audio recordings by Heinrich Klotz, one of Europe's greatest yet underappreciated architectural critics in the late 20th century. In them, he recounts the eventful early years of the German Architecture Museum (DAM) in Frankfurt, where he served as founding director. Besides offering an overview of the context in which he worked, Klotzs deeply personal perspective and his keen depictions of the major events and figures in the architecture of the late 1970s and early 80s serve to illuminate the evolving postmodern movement. Included are critical essays, transcripts, and Klotz in conversation with postmodern critic Charles Jencks.

242 pp. German/English Pap.