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Andy Warhol - Tate Catalogue

Andy Warhol - Tate Catalogue

Andy Warhol - Tate Catalogue


Warhol, Andy.  Muir, Gregor. + Yilmaz Dziewior.

Tate 2020

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As an underground art star, Andy Warhol was the antidote to the macho American postwar art scene who redefinded the language of painting, sculpture and film. This humanistic re-visioning explores his background as a child of an emigrant family, his ideas about death and religion and his queer perspective, revealing an artist who both succeeded and failed in equal measure and whose work marked a period of cultural transformation that still resonated today. Exploring Warhol's knowing flirtation with the commercial world of celebrity alongside his advocacy of alternative lifestyles, it presents his work within the the context of his time in a way that connects to contemporary concerns.

224 pp. Pap.. Many color photos.