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American Ski Resort

American Ski Resort

American Ski Resort


Smith, Margaret Supplee.

Oklahoma 2013

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One of America’s most popular sports, skiing is all about freedom. Skiers enjoy the thrill of adventure, an escape from city life, and a close encounter with nature at its most rugged and majestic. And yet, paradoxically, the experience of skiing for most Americans is inextricably linked to architecture, for our journey down the mountainside is shaped by the ski resort. In this magnificent book, architectural historian Margaret Supplee Smith traces the evolution of the ski resort in North America. Brimming with photographs of spectacular scenery, intriguing buildings, and colorful personalities, American Ski Resortis the first book to explore the combined phenomena of skiing, tourism, and architecture from a national perspective.

328 pp., over 600 diverse B&W illus., some color.