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Alvaro Siza: Private Houses 1954-2004

Alvaro Siza: Private Houses 1954-2004

Alvaro Siza: Private Houses 1954-2004


SIZA. Molteni, Francesco and Alessandra Cianchetta

eds. Cl. Milan, 2005

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The subject of this book is the single-family house in the work of Alvaro Siza. This is a well-defined and very significant theme within the context of Siza's production, although it is has never before been presented and studied in a systematic manner. The interest of this volume, then, is rooted in the clarity of the selection, limited only to a single-family houses, in an attempt to fill what appears to us to be a gap.

The houses shown here were designed and built over a period of time of fifty years, beginning with the four houses in Matosinhos and up to the present day, with the house in Majorca currently under construction. Such an array of houses constitutes, for a single architect, an authentic field of research, where continuita allows a specific reflection and at the same time a more general one on the theme itself and on architecture.

For their rigorous and loving determination, for the tireless and patient research, Siza's houses offer us an exemplary lesson of intellectual greatness.


230 pp., 180 color and B&W illus.