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Along the Lines

Along the Lines


STEINBERG. Ware, Chris and Mark Pascale

Along the Lines Art Institute of Chicago 2017

Book ID: 101004

Romanian-born American artist Saul Steinberg (1914Ð1999) won international acclaim for his inventive, wry representations of the postwar age. His work appeared on the covers and interiors of the New Yorker for nearly six decades, and his drawings, collages, prints, paintings, and sculptures have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. With essays by cartoonist Chris Ware and curator Mark Pascale, this lively book traces Steinbergs imagery as it evolved over the full scope of his career, celebrating his refusal to distinguish between high and low art. The 60 works included traverse the realms of Steinbergs world, from the witty black-ink takes on his newly adopted land of 1940s America to the watercolor paintings he made as a mature artist in the late 1980s.

72 pp. English Cl.