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A+U 603 20:12: Simón Vélez – Vegetarian Architecture

A+U 603 20:12: Simón Vélez – Vegetarian Architecture

A+U 603 20:12: Simón Vélez – Vegetarian Architecture


VÉLEZ, Simón
Publisher Shinkenchiku-sha
SKU: S02917

This issue features Colombian architect, Simón Vélez. He received his architectural education in Colombia and founded his studio in 1972. Having invented the use of bamboo as a structural material by filling it with cement mortar, Vélez has gained international reputation for his designs using plants (vegetarian), and his work is seen to use a diversity of natural materials. Local vegetal materials - such as Guadua and local wood like Ariso, Alboroco, and Eucalyptus - are used to maximize the restrictions and limitations of materials. Conscientious with the materials and site, he continues to create structurally rational buildings.

In addition, a dialogue with architect Shigeru Ban is included in the issue. Their interaction began in 2000 when they designed and built adjacent pavilions at the Expo Hannover. The dialogue begins with the 2 architects sharing their past involvement, includes the use of natural and weak materials, the creation of architecture using materials with limitations, and the process of discovering solutions through repeated experimentation.

34 works from the beginning of the architect's career in 1973 till today are presented here. Together with new project descriptions written by Velez and elaborate hand-drawn drawings that serve as construction drawings, the monograph is a comprehensive introduction to the works os Simón Vélez across nearly 50 years of his career.

200 pp.