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A Girl’'s Best Friends

A Girl’'s Best Friends

A Girl’'s Best Friends


Klanten, Robert and Ehmann, Sven

Gestalten, 2012

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Today, jewelry—whether glamorous, gothic, or minimalist—is en vogue. Jewelry goes back centuries and has been on the forefront of design many times throughout history. Now, thanks to a burst of innovative concepts, materials, and designers, a new age of contemporary jewelry has begun. Girl’s Best Friends is an eclectic collection of work from around the world that documents this current development. 

Today, jewelry exists in a wide spectrum of forms from traditional to modern, from geometric to organic. It is inspired by elements of folklore and the composition of collage. The materials used include gold, silver, and gemstones as well as plastics, porcelain, leather, wood, feathers, and hair. These are being used to create not only necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and brooches, but also more experimental forms of decoration that expand the human body.

Girl’s Best Friends features work by outstanding jewelry designers including Ted Noten, Saskia Diez, byAMT, and Kelsey Quan; fashion labels such as Commune de Paris 1871; artists such as the duo Confettisystem; and a range of innovative designers from other disciplines. In short, Girl’s Best Friends is the most comprehensive showcase of the innovative jewelry being created today.

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