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68th Street, Yoshihiko Ueda

68th Street, Yoshihiko Ueda

68th Street, Yoshihiko Ueda


United Vagabonds
SKU: S01991

Presenting a beautiful fusion of light and shadows, Yoshihiko Ueda captures the fundamental elements of photography in his new monograph, 68TH STREET. United Vagabonds honorably invites world-class art director, Fabien Baron to join us to create a monolith work of our generation. Limited edition of 1,000 copies released in April 2018.

Chasing after light reflected on paper and its shadows in a small apartment located on 68th Street in New York and transforming that moment onto monochrome photographic paper, Ueda’s new work shows the indispensable relationship between him and photography, photography and light, light and shadows. After completing the series, Ueda reached out to Fabien Baron, to help him to perform the trajectory of light onto another paper canvas, in the form of a book.

68TH STREET is designed by a New York-based art director Fabien Baron, best known for his iconic campaigns for Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and most recently, Dior. Baron is also the creative director for Interview magazine, which he amplified his influence as top runner art director in the fashion industry. Baron is driven by the pursuit of perfection where he designed this photography book as piece of art.


140 p, hc, Japanese/English