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Indeterminacy: Thoughts on Time, the Image, and Race(ism)

Indeterminacy: Thoughts on Time, the Image, and Race(ism)


David Campany & Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

Mack 2022

SKU S03715

In a series of written exchanges, David Campany and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa consider the options for photography in resisting the oppressive orthodoxies of racial capital, conservative history, and neoliberal visual culture. How does the essential indeterminacy of photography square with the need to work out alternative practices? How is visibility achieved beyond the consensual categories of the mass media and the commodification of art? What models are there for the making and reception of photographic books and exhibitions that might cultivate an active spectatorship beyond boutique consumerism? These urgent questions and more are discussed in a spirit of speculation and possibility, in the light of signal events that have shaped the recent past.


Paperback with flap
12.5 x 19.5cm, 104 pages