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Minka 1955, Japanese Traditional Houses [Cl.]

Minka 1955, Japanese Traditional Houses [Cl.]


Futagawa, Yukio.
GA A.D.A. Edita Tokyo, 2017
Book ID: 101444

MINKA Japanese Traditional Houses: Yukio Futagawa and the Origins of His Architectural Photography, 1955 presents 70 photographs from Traditional Japanese Houses - a ten-volume series featuring 280 photographs of rustic traditional houses across Japan by Futagawa that was awarded the Mainichi Publishing Culture Award in 1959, that have been reprinted using the latest digital technology. The books continue to receive acclaim with every new edition, the latest "director's cut" of which has been edited by Futagawa himself and will be released to coincide with the exhibition.

HB / 144 pp. / duotone beige cover / English + Japanese.