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Create with Artists: Art Activities for Everyone

Create with Artists: Art Activities for Everyone

Create with Artists: Art Activities for Everyone


Pol, Rixt & Hanna Piksen. Create with Artists: Art Activities for Everyone

BIS Publishers

Cl. 2016

Book ID: 99311

Sometimes visiting the atelier of an artist gives us answers about the methods and stories behind a piece. Or even about the reason it exists in the first place. With this book you can take the next step in the ladder towards being an active do-it-yourself art enthusiast. You can be part of this fascinating project where you enter the minds of a selective anthology of creators as they take you along the process and techniques to transform their idea into your own art. From the famous workshops of the Stedelijk Museum of Contemporary Art comes the opportunity of gathering (sometimes) random materials you have in your house and use them in a way you couldnÕt conceive before you were exposed to the imagination and creativity inside this minds. Also it will difficult not to raise some questions inside your own head that you never thought were there. This book offers the most inspiring workshops the Stedelijk Museum of contemporary art in Amsterdam has organized for young people over the past decade. Now everyone can do these fun workshopsÑcreated by renowned contemporary artists and designersÑat home, at a party, at a community center, or at school. Finally there is a book about creativity that was actually made with artists, that does not to tell you how you should do it but actually stimulates you to be creative yourself. This book was missing in schools, families and when young people who like to have fun and to explore come together. This is what museums of modern art can do to get closer to how artists think and work.

112 pp. English